Many Other Uses for Milk-by a Hunterdon County NJ Realtor

Milk has thousands of uses in the kitchen. It is a tasty drink on its own, and gives drinks like coffee and hot chocolate a richer flavor. It is also a hit when making pastries. Cakes, cookies and other sugary goodies are simply not as good without milk. Through the number of ways it can be used as a product for cooking and baking, people tend to overlook the fact that milk’s usefulness extends well beyond the kitchen and the dining room. It is actually among the favorite items of DIY folks. This article is published with much thanks to the folks from LifeHacker.

Milk, having a rich and creamy base, is a natural moisturizer, making it a versatile household item. It contains nutrients that are known to make skin smooth and healthy, which makes it an unconventional bath item and a popular ingredient for making soap. Its thick base, when applied on furniture, can dislodge dirt and some stains. As you can see, milk is just like a toolbox when it comes to household functions. Here are 15 of its most unusual uses:

1. Facial Mask – With milk’s moisturizing properties, you can use the dairy product to create a skin-pampering facial mask. Prepare half a cup of milk powder then add a little water. Stir the mixture until a fairly thick paste is formed. Once done, spread the milk facial mask on your face and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Wash your face then rinse right after. Your skin will be softer and will have a nice healthy glow, as if you used an actual facial mask.

2. Relief for Sunburn – Sunburn, caused by the prolonged exposure to sunlight, is pretty painful. The burnt skin will sting even at the slightest hint of contact. You can relieve yourself of the discomfort by creating a milk-based sunburn solution. Mix powdered milk with water and two pinches of salt. Apply the solution on the burnt spots and after awhile, you’ll feel better.

3. Flavor Booster for Corn – Milk is often used to enhance the flavor of coffee and pastries. Surprisingly, it also has the same effect on corn. Pour some milk on the water used to boil corn then stir. When both ingredients have been mixed, place the corn in the mixture. Leave it in the pot until the mixture boils. Now, get the corn and take a bite. You will notice a rich sweet taste that will make you crave for more.

4. Hand Soap – Overworked hands are susceptible to skin hardening and the development of calluses. Pamper your hands by applying cold milk to the calluses and hardened layers of skin. You will have a pair of soft and clean hands right after. If your skin remains hard, just apply cold milk three times a day. Eventually, you will notice the difference before the week ends.

5. Shaving Cream Substitute – If you run out of shaving cream, you can use milk as a worthy substitute. Mix a generous amount of powdered milk with a little water. When a thick paste has been formed, apply it on your face before shaving. It may not be as smooth as shaving cream but it will produce the same results nonetheless.

6. Relief for Insect Bites – Milk, being a natural moisturizer, eases the itchiness of insect bites. Its enzymes also help relieve the swelling. To relieve yourself from bug bites, create a mixture from milk, water and salt, then apply it on the insect bites. After a few moments, the welts will still be there but the redness and itching will either be gone or significantly reduced.

7. Ink Stain Remover – Milk’s thick and creamy base is a better stain remover than water. Just soak an ink stain in a milk–lemon juice mixture for the entire day and it will fade or even disappear. You can speed up the stain-removing process by scrubbing the ink blotches while soaked in the dairy product.

8. Shine Shoes and Leather Items – Get a rag and soak it in milk. Apply it on your leather shoes, bags and other leather-based items for a nice quick shine.

9. China Repair – Before you toss your broken cups and dishes in the wastebasket, you can try to fix them by boiling them in milk. The milk proteins, for some reason, will react to the china then turn into an adhesive. This method may not always work but what have you got to lose anyway?

10. Milk Bath – Milk happens to be a popular bathtub item. Not only is it a better moisturizer than some soaps, it is also an effective skin softener. Fill one half to three fourths of your bathtub with milk. Once done, go ahead and take a dip. Let the white bathwater work on your skin for about 30 minutes to an hour. After your bath, you will certainly have soft and better-looking skin.

11. Ingredient for Making Soap – If you want to have soap that is hard on germs but gentle on your skin, try making one using milk. Create a mixture from milk, glycerin, oatmeal, lard and natural scent oils. You can use a blender, to speed up things. Boil the mixture for a few hours then place it on the soap molds. When it dries, you will have a product that is just as good as the ones sold at health and beauty stores.

12. Makeup Remover – Blush-ons, foundations, and other female facial enhancements latch on to your face like adhesives. It usually takes a while before you can completely wash them off your face. You can make the process easier by switching water with a mixture of powdered milk and warm water. Apply the solution on the makeup and in a matter of minutes, your face will be back to its natural state.

13. Plant Cleaner – For owners of themed gardens, you can clean your plants using skimmed milk. The beverage’s thick base, when scrubbed, can dislodge dirt, sap and stains off of leaves. Just make sure that you rinse it off of your plants after cleaning. Remember, dried milk and milk residue can soil and stain your leaves.

14. Fish Taste Enhancer – Fish and milk have pretty distinct tastes. The funny thing is, you can actually use milk to enhance the taste of fish. Get a frozen salmon or blue marlin from the freezer and thaw it in a bowl filled with milk. After cooking, the fish will have a richer flavor and a smoother texture.

15. Furniture Cleaner and Polisher – Combining milk’s creamy base with lemon juice’s acidity creates an exceptional furniture cleaner. Milk’s heavy base will have no problems pushing away dust and dirt, while lemon juice takes care of the stains and disease-causing microbes. You can add essential oil to the mix, so your cleaner will leave a refreshing scent on your furniture.

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