Inexpensive Home Improvement Luxuries Add Value When You Sell!

When selling your home, or just looking for a little luxury, there are simple and inexpensive additions you can make. Here are a few:

Wine Cooler. No, not the Styrofoam kind! Wine cellars are big sellers in new homes but there are ways you can add this special touch to your home now. Wine coolers come in various sizes. Tabletop coolers can store up to 12 bottles at the correct temperature. Undercounter models are more expensive but do add to the elegance, They’re easy to install and reflect a more affluent, sophisticated consumer (such as yourself) and adds value to the home. 

Yes, you can put beer cans in there, too. If you must. 

Spa Shower. We like to pamper ourselves in the bath. Without a remodel, there are luxurious changes we can make on the cheap. Switch the regular shower head to “rain” style. They can be swapped with your boring old shower head via an extension arm. You can also install a combo shower unit, with both hand-held and stationary heads. Different heads with different options. 

Love a cozy bath towel? Install a heated towel bar. There are models that can be hard-wired or plug-in.

Then decorate your bathroom as if it WERE a spa with extra towels on shelves and pampering gels and soaps. People will notice this. 

Indoor Fireplace. If you’ve always wanted a fireplace and don’t have a chimney (or the one you have can’t be used), you can now use one that gives off heat and flickering flames without the need for a flue. Electric fireplaces are gaining rapid popularity and, as a result, prices are going down. There are elegant ones with a mantle and smaller ones that look like stoves. Gel fireplaces are also gaining in popularity but do require the purchase of gel canisters. The bonus, of course, is that all these fireplaces can be moved from room to room. 

Sound System. Expensive and fancy homes have elaborate movie rooms and sound systems. You don’t need to spend a lot to have a great system. You can buy “Home Theater in a Box” which includes 5 speakers, an amp and subwoofer. You can then plug in your blu-ray, stereo or computer into the system. 

Indoor Bar. A separate entertaining area is always desirable. Create your own area if you don’t have one! Move your furniture to create a space for bar furniture. There are some beautiful pieces in the form of carts, cabinets and so on. There are various styles of wine furniture from armoires to specialized wine cabinets. You don’t need to hook up the water if you don’t want to. This sort of indoor bar adds value and ambiance to your home. 

There are many small luxurious touches you can add on the cheap. These are touches that a prospective buyer can identify with. If you want more info on adding value to your home, just give me call. You can get in touch with me through my website at

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