Not Everyone Loves That Wallpaper

I see so many beautiful homes for sale and the seller is absolutely adamant about leaving the frilly, flowery wallpaper! The seller figures that if he/she loves it (and picked it out), then the buyer will fall in love with it too!

I was inspecting a beautiful victorian home. I’ll describe the living room (several of the other rooms in the home looked like this). The walls were covered with swirly, colorful flowered wallpaper in blues and greens. The floor had an almost wall-to-wall Oriental rugs mostly in shades of red. The sofa/loveseat was yet another flower pattern with lots of yellows. There were two side chairs with striped fabric. I didn’t know where to look! The only solids were two throw pillows on the sofa.

When you are getting ready to sell your home, create warm and NEUTRAL walls. Bring some color in for your accents and furniture. The rooms will look larger and more inviting.

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