Curb Appeal Really Means Curb Appeal!

The reason I wanted to become a REALTOR is because I love homes of all types, love to show them and love to see them. I love my own home and I want anyone who passes by to have some appreciation for it. That’s called “Curb Appeal”. It looks good from the curb. So why do so many people think that the “Leaning Tower of Mailbox” will go unnoticed? I see rusted boxes mounted on pipes, obvious scrap wood, and – oh my favorite – on top of a stack of cinder blocks. If you wanted to view a home for sale and saw THAT, what would you think of the owners? That maybe the attention to detail is missing? If something works (it holds mail), nothing else much matters?

Fix your mailbox! Fix it! Andfor more good-looking mailboxes and the available homes behind them, come over to my website: NormaSellsNJHomes

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